Discord community

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the discord assembly support page! - Discord Community

Github Pages

Adjoining firmware, UI and web-app interface can be found here, courtesy of Ken (Hayland). - Firmware - web-app interface


  • Website contains the docs, assembly guides and primary guidance to newcomers and contributors, and is maintained by Michael(Unit-005) with lots of help from Ken and Paul and everyone in the community.


  • Open-Pyrojet Channel The youtube channel contains mostly archival information, and project status updates and vlogs, it is largely maintained by Michael(Unit-005) and is open for posting videos by any contributor who feels so inclined.

Build Your Own Pyrojet

  • Check out the assembly guides on this website for more information of how to do this with the nice PCB print heads available on the github, or with common protoboard materials.